Replicating Digital Audiovisual Archives in the Cloud The Unintended Consequences of Non-Alphanumeric Characters in Filenames and Filepaths

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Joe Stolarick


Non-alphanumeric characters in filenames and filepaths can lead to unintended consequences in digital preservation.  The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation Archive conducted simple tests to investigate peculiarities related to this issue that surfaced when preserving their audiovisual assets.  This case study resulted in a list of problematic, albeit commonly used, non-alphanumeric characters.  It also uncovered significant implications for using proprietary cloud replication software as part of digital preservation workflows.

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Stolarick, J. (2022). Replicating Digital Audiovisual Archives in the Cloud. International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA) Journal, (52), 14-21.